Designed for:

  • Turf lawns, golf fairways and greens, park playground and leisure turfs.
  • Garden soil
  • Flower beds


  • Increases the organic material content of soil, resulting in improved soil structure (e.g. reduced compaction) and moisture retention.
  • Increases the humate/humic acid content of soil, resulting in increased fertilizer retention and soil productivity.
  • Limits effects of salinity in soils through chelation of excess salts.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe to use.


SHAC Revitagro is an excellent source of Humic Acid.  Humates and humic acids act in many important ways to make soil more productive and fertile.

  • Humates (metal complexes of humic acid) help to supply growing plants with food.  They also act in other important ways to make soil more productive and fertile.
  • Humic substances increase the water holding capacity of soil; therefore, helping plants resist drought.
  • Humic substances help retain water soluble inorganic fertilizers, releasing them as needed to growing plants, and help prevent nutrient leaching (through chelation).
  • Humic substances result in increased aeration of soil.
  • Humates establish a desirable environment for microorganism development in the soil.
  • Humic acids form stable complexes with metals (ex. chelation of salts), thereby limiting the effects of soil salinity.


Many lawn and turf soils are limited in their ability to sustain healthy grass due to their tendency to become compacted and hard, reducing the soil moisture absorption and retention. Soil compaction often occurs in soils which are low in organic matter and dominated by clay sized mineral material. Clays impede the drainage of water and limit air space in the soil, making it hard for roots to move and grow, ultimately making it more difficult for plants to prosper. Heavy clay soils also tend to harden to the extent that water, dissolved fertilizer and pesticides can be lost through surface run-off as water tends to soak into the soil more slowly than it is applied.  Improvements in soil organic content and reductions in soil compaction result in soils which are more capable of maintaining healthy root zones and reducing surface run-off. This ultimately allows the soil to maintain optimum moisture retention and reduce fertilizer and pesticide losses, and reduces the economic and environmental impact of maintaining healthy, green lawns and gardens.

Revitagro has been developed as a soil conditioning product for lawns and gardens with the ability to increase available soil organic matter, decrease soil compaction and improve moisture retention within a single growing season.

Turf and lawn soils were treated with recommended rates of Revitagro over various lengths of time to determine the corresponding rate at which available soil organic matter would increase.  In 7 separate trials to determine efficacy of SHAC Revitagro, the following results were observed:

  • a minimum of 3.6% and an average of 14.1% increase in available soil organic matter in the first year of treatment.

(Note: Trials spanning the same time period were treated with equivalent amounts of product.)

In 4 separate trials to determine efficacy of SHAC Revitagro as a soil conditioner, the following results were observed:

  • Average 22.7% reduction in soil compaction

The results of soil compaction trials conducted on lawn and turf indicated that Revitagro has the potential to positively impact soil compaction (i.e. condition the soil) over short periods of treatment at regular recommended rates.

Revitagro is currently only sold in parts of the United States.


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